Trying To Be Like Jesus


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    “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

    Don’t Use Violence

    I have always been taught to be nice to my schoolmates, friends, and family. My mother always says, “Aarón, never use violence. Jesus doesn’t like it!”

    When I was going to a preschool near my house, there was a boy in a higher grade who sometimes tried to hit me at recess. He seemed big and strong. One day he had a rock. And when he saw me, he hit me in the head with the rock. I knew I could try to hit him back, but I remembered my mother’s words: “Jesus doesn’t like violence.” I left and I ran to get my teacher.

    A year has gone by since this happened, and now I’m in another school. I’m grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus because I don’t feel afraid. I know that I always need to try to do what is right and not use violence, even though sometimes it’s hard for me.

    Illustrated by Gerald Rogers

    Guido Aarón Romero Duarte, age 5, is a member of the Luque Ward, Luque Paraguay Stake.