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Mar. 2005

Using the Liahona 

First Presidency Message

A Testimony of Christ
James E. Faust 
Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: On to New HorizonsJeffrey R. Holland 
Elder David A. Bednar: Going Forward in the Strength of the LordHenry B. Eyring 
What Had to Happen?Shanna Butler 

Visiting Teaching Message:

Rejoice in the Organization of Relief Society
Now Let Us Rejoice 
A Priest Up to the ChallengeMichael Chipman 
The Priests Quorum 
The Saints of Colombia: An Example of StrengthMarvin K. Gardner 
The Day the Lamb Was SoldJulie A. Masters 
We Love to See the TempleAdam C. Olson 

Instant Messages

Keeping Sunday Sacred
Luis Ariel José 

Instant Messages

Another Monday
Oreajba Ohiwabukola 

News of the Church

New Program, Preach My Gospel, Being Launched in Missions Worldwide
Adam C. Olson 

News of the Church

Growing Church a “Wonderful Challenge” for Physical Facilities Department
Patricia S. Norwood 

News of the Church

General Young Women Meeting Broadcast Available

News of the Church

Youth Devotional Broadcast Set

News of the Church

In the News

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, March 2005
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice:

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice: The Message of a Label
Thomas S. Monson 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Jesus Christ Is My Savior
Margaret Lifferth 

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: The Light Divine
Kimberly Webb and Susan W. Tanner 

From the Life of President David O. McKay

David and Emma Ray
Why We Rejoice: An Easter ProgramRonda Gibb Hinrichsen 
Remembering Jesus Christ 
RescueTom Roulstone 

Trying To Be Like Jesus

Don’t Use Violence
Guido Aarón Romero Duarte