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Apr. 2005

Using the Liahona 

First Presidency Message

The Symbol of Our Faith
Gordon B. Hinckley 
The Light of ChristBoyd K. Packer 
Learning from Joseph Smith 
The Restoration: Truth Comes AgainShanna Butler 
Questions and Answers 

Visiting Teaching Message:

Rejoice in the Restoration of the Priesthood and Priesthood Keys
Youth at Work in FijiAdam C. Olson 
The Effective Elders QuorumDale E. Miller 
Strengthening the Family: Multiply and Replenish the Earth 

Latter-day Saint Voices

Coming Home
Judith A. Deeney 

Latter-day Saint Voices

I Didn’t Listen
Thierry Hotz 

Latter-day Saint Voices

The House That Faith Built
José Luis da Silva 
A Balanced LifeBrent L. Top 
Strong Roots in Small BranchesJeniann Jensen 
Did You Know? 

News of the Church

First Presidency Emphasizes Following Christ’s Example

News of the Church

President Hinckley Addresses Members, Missionaries in Southeast U.S.

News of the Church

Elder Nelson Visits Six Countries During 15-day Tour of Africa

News of the Church

LaRene Porter Gaunt 

News of the Church

Call for New Member Experiences

News of the Church

Call for Scripts

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, April 2005
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice:

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice: The Comforter
James E. Faust 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: My Family Can Be Forever
Margaret Lifferth 

From the Life of President David O. McKay

A Young Apostle

Special Witness:

Special Witness: Getting to Know Elder Richard G. Scott
Family History ScrollMargaret Shauers 

Making Friends:

Lonah Fisher and Asenaca Lesuma of Taveuni, Fiji
Margaret Snider 
He Died That We Might Live AgainThelma McKinnon Anderson and Charlene Anderson Newell 
The Rose GardenPat Wayne 
Temple Cards