David’s Pet Boar

Adapted from Llewelyn R. McKay, Home Memories of President David O. McKay (1956), 127.

Elder David O. McKay had many pets, including a boar named Caesar.

Son: Father, you must really love animals to care for an ugly creature like that!

One day as Elder McKay was leaving to catch a train, he noticed that Caesar had broken out of his pen and was wandering away.

David: No, you don’t! We’ll keep you in the chicken coop for now. I’ll have to repair the pen when I get back.

But Elder McKay forgot to tell the rest of the family where Caesar was, so no one could feed or water him.

At 2:00 a.m., the telephone rang at the McKay house.

Operator: There’s a telegram for Mr. Lawrence McKay.

Lawrence: This is Lawrence. Please read the telegram.

Son: At this hour it can mean only bad news! I hope Father is all right.

Elder McKay’s son Lawrence scribbled down the words as the operator read them: “Caesar in chicken coop! Water him!”

Lawrence thanked the operator and hung up. Relieved, everyone laughed.

Son: That’s all the telegram said? Father must really love that ugly old boar!