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Sept. 2005

Using the Liahona 

First Presidency Message

The Profound Power of Gratitude
Thomas S. Monson 
Elders in My English ClassAnette Malzl Knapp 
Preaching His GospelShanna Butler, Adam C. Olson, and Roger Terry 
Personal ConsecrationStephen B. Oveson and Dixie Randall Oveson 
Idea List: Seminary Scripture Power 
Doctrine and Covenants Times at a Glance, Chart 3: Section 138 and Official Declarations 1 and 2 

Visiting Teaching Message:

Rejoice in the Book of Mormon
The Twelve ApostlesBoyd K. Packer 
Helping Home Evening SucceedAdam C. Olson 
Monday Night in ManilaAdam C. Olson 
Strengthening the Family: Happiness in Family Life 

Latter-day Saint Voices

We Rejoiced in Her Healing
Magdalena Peñate de Guerra 

Latter-day Saint Voices

I Will Get Rid of Them
John Jairo Montoya 

Latter-day Saint Voices

How Could They Forgive Me?
Angelique Petrick 
Finding Jobs, Lifting LivesNeil K. Newell 
Did You Know? 

News of the Church

Seventh and Eighth Quorums of the Seventy Announced

News of the Church

New Church History Library to Be Constructed

News of the Church

CES: Teaching Members Diligently
Walter Cooley 

News of the Church

The Scriptures: CD-ROM Edition 1.1 Now Available

News of the Church

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Travels across Europe

News of the Church

Day of Service in Central America
Don Searle 

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, September 2005

News of the Church

Speaking Today
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice:

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice: Avoiding the Devil’s Throat
James E. Faust 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Choose the Right Way and Be Happy
Margaret Lifferth 

From the Life of President David O. McKay

The Girl in the Blue Dress

For Little Friends

Where Does Tithing Go?
The Windows of HeavenMarianne Dahl Johnson 

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: The Dawning of a Testimony
Monte J. Brough 
Ways to Study the Scriptures