Family Home Evening Ideas

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    These ideas can help you use this issue of the Liahona to enhance your teaching in the classroom as well as in the home.

    “At Home in Mozambique,”p. 10: Invite a family member to share what the scriptures teach about serving others (see Matt. 25:40; Mosiah 2:17–18). Using the article’s story as inspiration, plan and carry out a project that would benefit a family in your community.

    “The Nature of the Godhead,”p. 34: Share the story of Joseph Smith’s First Vision (see JS—H 1:15–20). Discuss the truths Joseph Smith learned through this experience. Divide the three sections of the article among family members. Use sections to role-play what it would be like to explain LDS beliefs concerning the Godhead to others.

    “Using Agency Wisely,” p. 36: Have family members write answers to the question, “Why do we not make right decisions every time?” Discuss their responses using President Spencer W. Kimball’s quote. Read Brother Kawada’s story, and discuss why he was able to make the right choices. Share personal examples of the blessings you have received from choosing correctly.

    “How to Talk about the Temple,” p. 40: Display a picture of a temple, and ask each family member how he or she feels about the temple. Have family members imagine what those not of our faith must think about the temple. Choose a few questions from the article, and have family members share how they would answer them. Supplement their answers with the suggestions from the article.

    “Walk the High Road,” p. F2: If possible, drive or walk to a road with an elevated view. Discuss what it means to “walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness.” While there, have family members search President Gordon B. Hinckley’s message and identify specific things they can do to accomplish this goal.

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