Inspired Reading

I had a special experience after reading a quote from an Apostle about simple but effective ways to gain a testimony. When I finished reading it, I immediately remembered a friend whose testimony was wavering. I quickly wrote her a letter and included the quotation.

I took the letter to her home, and I read it to her. At the end I bore my testimony. I can’t describe the powerful spirit that was present. My friend was surprised and thanked me for sharing the quote with her.

From that moment my friend started to change. She began to read the scriptures, pray more often, and attend church. Whenever we visited each other, we shared a spiritual thought and our testimonies. Today she is very active in the ward and serves as my counselor in the Laurel class presidency.
Yésica Florencia Martín, Santos Lugares Ward, Argentina Buenos Aires West Stake

Written with Love

An article in the March 2005 edition—“The Saints of Colombia: An Example of Strength”—was very exciting to me. It was written with great love! It was written with great faith in the people who were spoken of in the article and with such strong faith in a wonderful future not only for the Saints in Colombia but for the entire country.

My country has similar problems to solve, and our people have much in common. This article offers advice that can be applied in nearly any field of endeavor. For example, it simply and clearly explains how to plant small gardens and raise vegetables, become responsible for one’s own family, and increase self-reliance. This, undoubtedly, is also spiritual nourishment. Such practical advice, if applied, will enable every person to obtain food and also to have enough food to store for times of need. What a wise, useful, and timely article!
Olga Khripko, Zaporozhe Khortitsky Branch, Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine District

The Savior’s Love

The first time I read the Liahona, I felt the Spirit, and it filled me with so much joy that I could not contain my tears. Like the scriptures, the Liahona strengthens and guides us. It helps us to endure and grow in our testimony that our Savior Jesus Christ really does love us.
Idalia Martínez de Morales, Volcán Branch, Concepción Panamá District

Improved Family Home Evening

Our family home evenings have become more interesting and fun as we have used the Liahona as a compass to guide us in teaching our children. Sharing the prophets’ teachings and members’ faith-promoting experiences during family home evening has helped us become more united as a family.
Ileana Morbioni de Pluas, Guayacanes Ward, Guayaquil Ecuador East Stake

Christ in Gethsemane, by Harry Anderson