Family Home Evening Ideas

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    These ideas can help you use the Liahona to enhance your teaching in the classroom as well as in the home.

    “Agency,” p. 8: Tell family members that you have decided to use your agency to force everyone to stare at the wall. Discuss how they would feel about your decision. Use the article to explain what agency is, and role-play the three ways mentioned in the article that Satan attacks agency.

    “Tattoos and Your Mission,” p. 18: Discuss the similarities between temples and physical bodies using the introduction of the article. Relate Bobby’s story, and focus on the consequences he faced because of his tattoo. Testify of the importance of treating our bodies as a temple.

    “Blessed in My Affliction,” p. 26: Create a temporary physical affliction for each family member (for example, by blindfolding someone, wrapping a leg or hand, muffling hearing, and so on). Let everyone share how he or she felt while impaired. Use the article to find the blessings that come through afflictions, and ask family members to share blessings they have received from enduring trials.

    “Coming Out of Darkness,” p. F2: Darken the room. Ask family members what could cause darkness in their lives. Instruct them to search the room for items that could help them come out of their “spiritual darkness.” These items could include scriptures, a tithing envelope, and a hymnbook. Lighten the room. Use the article to talk about the objects found and other ways to improve our communication with our Heavenly Father.

    “More Blessed,” p. F8: Ask family members to share an act of kindness someone did for them. Read Wade’s story out loud. Challenge each family member to do an act of kindness this week and to be prepared to report on the results next family home evening.

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