The students in the early-morning seminary classes of the Capotillo and Simon Bolivar Wards in the Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Stake enjoy watching and learning from general conference. Here are some of their ideas on how to use what you learn during general conference.

  • Come to general conference prepared to learn and listen carefully to the talks. Fasting and prayer can help you be prepared.

  • Write down what you learn so you can think more about it later.

  • Talk about general conference with your family. Share with them what you have learned, and listen to and learn from their experiences.

  • Listen carefully to President Gordon B. Hinckley’s talks, and write down at least three things he asks you to do or to become. Pray about these things, and see how you can make them happen in your life.

  • If the Spirit prompts you to do something while you are listening to or pondering general conference, do it.

  • Set goals on how and when to apply the counsel you receive during general conference. Write your goals and deadlines in your journal, and refer to them often.

  • Be with people who make it easy to do what the prophets say. Then, when you try to apply the speakers’ counsel, you will have support.

  • Share what you have learned with a friend who could also benefit.

  • Live worthy of the Holy Spirit, and pray for guidance on how to live what you have learned during conference.

  • Listen carefully to what the Church leaders encourage you to do, and work on becoming better. Remember to “be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only” (see James 1:22–25).

  • Look up and mark in your own scriptures the references quoted in the talks.

  • Read the conference talks when the Liahona comes out so you can gain new insights and renew your enthusiasm.

Photograph by Welden C. Andersen