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November 2006

Conference Summary for the 176th Semiannual General Conference
We Bear Testimony to the World Gordon B. Hinckley
He Heals the Heavy Laden Dallin H. Oaks
The Temple Is about Families Richard H. Winkel
The First Generation Paul B. Pieper
Faith, Service, Constancy David S. Baxter
The Power of Patience Robert C. Oaks
O Be Wise M. Russell Ballard
Discipleship James E. Faust
The Sustaining of Church Officers Thomas S. Monson
Holy Scriptures: The Power of God unto Our Salvation Robert D. Hales
Sunday Will Come Joseph B. Wirthlin
Look toward Eternity! Elaine S. Dalton
The Atonement Can Clean, Reclaim, and Sanctify Our Lives Shayne M. Bowen
The Law of Tithing Daniel L. Johnson
The Power of a Personal Testimony Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The Atonement Can Secure Your Peace and Happiness Richard G. Scott
A Priesthood Quorum Henry B. Eyring
Let Us Be Men D. Todd Christofferson
The Great Plan of Happiness Marcus B. Nash
He Trusts Us! Stanley G. Ellis
Spiritual Nutrients James E. Faust
True to Our Priesthood Trust Thomas S. Monson
Rise Up, O Men of God Gordon B. Hinckley
How Firm a Foundation Thomas S. Monson
The Plan of Salvation L. Tom Perry
Three Towels and a 25-Cent Newspaper Richard C. Edgley
Behold Your Little Ones Margaret S. Lifferth
“The Great and Wonderful Love” Anthony D. Perkins
The Gathering of Scattered Israel Russell M. Nelson
The Faith to Move Mountains Gordon B. Hinckley
A Defense and a Refuge Boyd K. Packer
And Nothing Shall Offend Them David A. Bednar
Receiving by the Spirit A. Roger Merrill
Moving Closer to Him Craig A. Cardon
Becoming Instruments in the Hands of God Don R. Clarke
That They Might Know Thee Keith R. Edwards
Wherefore, Settle This in Your Hearts Larry W. Gibbons
Prophets in the Land Again Jeffrey R. Holland
Closing Remarks Gordon B. Hinckley
Eternally Encircled in His Love Bonnie D. Parkin
Remembering the Lord’s Love Kathleen H. Hughes
To Look, Reach, and Come unto Christ Anne C. Pingree
In the Arms of His Love Gordon B. Hinckley
Teachings for Our Time
They Spoke to Us
Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women Resource Guides
General Auxiliary Presidencies
News of the Church By Kate McNeil, Church Magazines