Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Augusto B.

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“He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

Surprising Things

The other day I went to the house of a friend who owns a swimming pool. He is a member of a different church, so I taught him about Joseph Smith. It surprised him to learn that Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith. I taught him about the Book of Mormon. He didn’t know about it, just the Bible. Since he didn’t have a Book of Mormon, he didn’t know about Nephi or anyone.

I taught him about the Word of Wisdom. I had asked him once before if he would smoke or drink when he got older. After teaching him the Word of Wisdom, I asked him again. And now he isn’t going to drink alcohol or smoke.

I wanted him to come to our Church, so I invited him. He was going to be gone this week, so I’m going to invite him again when he’s back.

He liked learning these things.

Augusto B., age 10, Argentina

Illustration by Thomas S. Child

Fighting Isn’t OK

One day a couple of my friends were fighting about a girl in my grade. They wanted her to like them.

I told them, “Enough, enough!” and pushed them apart. I didn’t want them to hurt each other or stop being friends.

I wasn’t afraid I’d get hurt, but when I separated them, they got mad. “What are you doing in the middle of this?” they asked. I told them to chill out because I wanted them to be friends and Jesus wants us to be kind to each other.

They made up and stopped fighting over the girl.

Alan S., age 11, Argentina