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Mar. 2007

Family Home Evening Ideas 

First Presidency Message

The Gift of Compassion
Thomas S. Monson 
How to Prepare to Be a Good MissionaryM. Russell Ballard 
A Day in the Life of a MissionaryAdam C. Olson 
Gifts to Bring Home from the Mission FieldGordon B. Hinckley 
Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Listening to and Following the Promptings of the Spirit 
Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment around the WorldConnie D. Cannon 
Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meetings 
Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Activities 
Having Faith in God’s TimelineCatherine Edwards 
From Friends to Sisters to CompanionsRebecca Mills Hume and Brad Wilcox 
If I Had Known at 19 …Roger Terry 
Lessons from the New Testament: Jesus Christ, the Bread of LifeWon Yong Ko 
Latter-day Saint Voices 
Pen Pals and ReferralsBrittany Jones Beahm 
Never Too LateSylvia de Moscui Maldonado 
Speaking the Language of the SpiritSergio Adrián López 
The First of a Thousand SoulsNorie Tsubaki Murae 
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice:

Be More Forgiving
Gordon B. Hinckley 

Sharing Time:

Try, Try, Try
Elizabeth Ricks 
Reading the Bible 
Friendship BraceletsJennifer Rose 
Honest MorganVicki H. Budge 
Coloring Page 
Special WitnessBoyd K. Packer 

Friend to Friend:

Missionary Friends
Hilary M. Hendricks and Gary J. Coleman 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

CTR Rings in the Principal’s Office
Rebeca F. 

News of the Church

Health Preparation for Missionaries
Donald B. Doty 

News of the Church

Church Marks 200th Anniversary of Wilford Woodruff’s Birth
Kate McNeil 

News of the Church

Members Rally after Quake Strikes Hawaiian Islands
Julie Dockstader Heaps 

News of the Church

Call for Articles

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas