From the Life of President Spencer W. Kimball

The Power of Example

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Adapted from Edward L. Kimball and Andrew E. Kimball Jr., Spencer W. Kimball (1977), 68–71; Francis M. Gibbons, Spencer W. Kimball: Resolute Disciple, Prophet of God (1995), 41–43; and Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball (2006), xix.

The Power of Example, left page The Power of Example, right page

Illustrations by Sal Velluto and Eugenio Mattozzi

When Spencer decided to serve a mission, he moved away for the summer to work at a dairy to earn money.

Spencer: The work is hard. Our hands bleed. But I don’t shy away from work!

At the dairy, Spencer became friends with a returned missionary. While on long walks in the Arizona hills, they discussed missionary work and gospel subjects.

Friend: We have so much to be grateful for. Let’s get down on our knees and thank the Lord.

Spencer: Here?

Friend: You can pray anywhere.

Not everyone in town liked members of the Church.

Man: Are you all right?

Spencer: Two workers from the dairy attacked me. I’m glad you found me.

But Spencer and his friends had earned the respect of many—including their cigar-smoking boss.

Boss: The Mormons seem like decent people. I’ll have no troublemakers here.
You two are fired.

When Spencer left for his mission, his boss threw a party. All the employees attended. Spencer had made a good impression on everyone.

Boss: We want you to have this gold watch.

Spencer: I’m touched that you would give me such a valuable and useful gift.

These experiences prepared Spencer W. Kimball to be a good missionary.