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Oct. 2007

Family Home Evening Ideas 

First Presidency Message

They Marked the Path to Follow
Thomas S. Monson 
Turning Hearts in a Land of TemplesAdam C. Olson 
Seeing a ConnectionAdam C. Olson 
Come to the TempleBoyd K. Packer 
A Testimony of ProphetsClaudio R. M. Costa 
Questions and Answers 
Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Preparing for the Second Coming of Our Lord 
Literacy Improves Lives 
Enduring to the BeginningMaria Kaneva 
For the Strength of YouYoung Women General Presidency 
An Exceptional Book, an Exceptional AnswerGrigor A. Tadevosyan 
Helping Those Who Struggle with Same-Gender AttractionJeffrey R. Holland 
Latter-day Saint Voices 
Uncle Gilberto’s MemoryEsther Labibe de Beruben 
A Ride to ChurchStephen Baer 
Who Turned My Head?Hildo Rosillo Flores 
A Prayer with My Home TeacherJudy Stone 
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice:

The Empty Cart
James E. Faust 

Sharing Time:

How Great Shall Be Your Joy
Elizabeth Ricks 
Overcoming Challenges 

Friend to Friend:

The Glory of God Is Intelligence
Kimberly Webb and David A. Bednar 
HomeCaroline Eyring Miner and K. Newell Dayley 
Coloring Page 
Missing MichaelSheila Kindred 
Growing in Faith—Yondonjamts of Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaDon L. Searle and Julie Wardell 

In Memoriam: A Supplement to the Liahona

President James E. Faust, Beloved Shepherd

News of the Church

Shinto Priests Greet Elder Eyring at Historic Meiji Shrine in Japan

News of the Church

Temple Announced for Manaus, Brazil

News of the Church

Congress Gathers in Poland to Defend Family Around World

News of the Church

Elder Hafen Addresses Family Congress

News of the Church

Church Historian Discusses Role of History in Mission of Church

News of the Church

LDS Doctors Give the Gift of Sight

News of the Church

Wheelwright Appointed New President of BYU–Hawaii

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas