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Dec. 2007

Family Home Evening Ideas 

First Presidency Message

These, Our Little Ones
Gordon B. Hinckley 
The Best Christmas Gifts 
Finding Faith in the Lord Jesus ChristRobert D. Hales 
Sharing ChristmasDaiana Melina Albornoz Díaz 
Mongolia: Steppes of FaithDon L. Searle 

Visiting Teaching Message:

Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Exercising Charity
There Shall Be a Record Kept among YouMarlin K. Jensen 
The Joseph Smith JournalsMark Ashurst-McGee and Alex Smith 
A Prophet on the EarthJade Swartzberg 
Questions and Answers 
Latter-day Saint Voices 
My Most Precious GiftConsuelo Conesa Leone 
Mother’s Christmas MouseBetty LeBaron Mostert 
A Christmas to RememberJerry O. Thompson 
Did Heavenly Father Really Love Me?Carol C. Watts 
The New RecruitHenny Rasmussen 
The Friend 
The Savior Is Born 

Sharing Time:

The Greatest Gift
Elizabeth Ricks 
Holding Priesthood Keys 
Nativity Figures and FactsPat Graham 
A Christmas VisitorGwen S. Jones 
Special WitnessDieter F. Uchtdorf 
The Hot Chocolate MishapMelanie Marks 
Coloring Page 

News of the Church

One Million Missionaries, Thirteen Million Members

News of the Church

God Loveth His Children Booklet Released

News of the Church

Work on Temples Begins, Ends around World

News of the Church

Church Offers Aid to Disaster Victims Worldwide

News of the Church

Clean Water Is Major Aim of Church Humanitarian Program

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas
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