Healing Balm

The Liahona is truly a compass in my life. It is healing balm for my wounds and gives me hope when I am discouraged. The articles contain answers to my questions and shine light on my doubts. As I read the testimonies, the conference addresses, and the comments, my faith in the Creator grows, and I feel closer to the members of the Church, who radiate their light through the magazine.

Carmen Moscoso, Switzerland

Issues Dedicated to One Topic

I’ve noticed that there are sometimes special issues of the Liahona. Two examples are the issue for new converts (Oct. 2006), which I deeply treasure, and the issue for those preparing to go on missions (Mar. 2007).

Could you publish an issue for investigators and family members of new converts? It’s hard for me to share the gospel with my family because they feel that we don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ. I would like some material that would open their eyes, dispel their doubts, and help them respect the decision I have made.

Héctor Leal Reyes, Mexico

More Valuable Than Gold

I first discovered the Liahona when I joined the Church several years ago. In the beginning I didn’t think much of it, but as time went by it became one of the most wonderful things in my life and a key to my success. It strengthened my testimony of the restored gospel and helped me stay strong in the Church. Because of this strength, I was able to resist temptations and set a good example for a co-worker, who was eventually baptized and confirmed.

It is so wonderful to study and share the Liahona. It will help me for the rest of my life. I’m so thankful to receive the messages from the Lord’s prophet and apostles every month. The Liahona is sweeter to me than honey and more valuable than gold.

Aldemir Guanacoma Ave, Bolivia

Young Missionaries

The article “CTR Rings in the Principal’s Office” (Mar. 2007), which tells of a girl who told her school principal about the Church when the principal asked about the girl’s CTR ring, inspired my five-year-old son and other Primary children in our branch to always wear their CTR rings.

My son and another child had their first missionary experience when their schoolteachers asked about the rings and the children were able to tell them about the Church.

Aleksey Dobrovolskyy, Ukraine

A Treasure for the Soul

When I was newly baptized, a sister invited me to subscribe to the Liahona. I didn’t read it much at first, but as time went by I realized the immense value of this magazine. Its messages have strengthened my spirit and answered my prayers. The first things I read are the First Presidency Message and the Visiting Teaching Message. I have also shared the children’s section with my son Ricardo. I am so glad I have the magazine today.

Through the Liahona I have learned and grown in many ways, emotionally as well as spiritually. Without a doubt, searching it is worth the effort. It is a treasure for the soul and a guide in moments of darkness, just as the scriptures are. I know better how to face the world in these latter days. I am thankful to have been able to enjoy it for 14 years.

Sylvia Figueroa-Ostolaza, Puerto Rico

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