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June 2008

Family Home Evening Ideas 

First Presidency Message

Safety in Counsel
Henry B. Eyring 
Fruits of the Book of MormonRichard G. Hinckley 
Tending the Flock: Teaching Leadership Skills to YouthDieter F. Uchtdorf and M. Russell Ballard 
Keys to the FutureKimberly Reid 
Making Time to Be HolyAdam C. Olson 

Visiting Teaching Message

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Teaches the Reality of Our Premortal Existence

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers: What’s the harm in trying alcohol or tobacco just once?
A Call to GrowUlisses Soares 
Defeating Your Goliaths 
The Spiritual Component of HealingAlexander B. Morrison 

Lessons from the Book of Mormon

Experiencing a Change of Heart
Keith K. Hilbig 

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
What I Like Best about ChurchIsabelle Alpert 
A Week to Go until PaydayJulie C. Donaldson 
Where Would I Find Another Book of Mormon?Curtis Kleinman 
My Children’s PrayerVirgínia Augusta de Pádua Lima Pereira 

Did You Know?

Did You Know?
Leaders for RighteousnessElaine S. Dalton 
My Favorite Scripture 
Talk Tip 
The Church in … Bolivia 
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

The First Vision
Dieter F. Uchtdorf 

Sharing Time

I’ll Prepare Myself While I Am Young
Linda Christensen 

From the Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Receiving the Gold Plates
Faith in GodPrimary General Presidency 
My Gospel Standards Matching Game 

Fun Page

Hidden Picture
Sunday Best in BrazilNathan N. Waite 
Not Just for a DayWendy Ellison 
Coloring Page 

News of the Church

Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet
M. Russell Ballard 

News of the Church

Numbers Reflect Steady Growth

In the News

Worldwide Leadership Training Available As Booklet, DVD

News of the Church

Portuguese Triple Available Online

News of the Church

Special Issue Cover Available As Art

News of the Church

World Briefs

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas