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Sept. 2008


First Presidency Message

Be One
Henry B. Eyring 
Perfect for the JobJo Bingham 
Strengthen Faith as You Seek KnowledgeQuentin L. Cook 


Poster: It’s Your Move
The Power of Diligent LearningJay E. Jensen 
Chalk It Up to LearningRobb Jones 

What Joseph Taught

What Joseph Taught: Revelation and the Living Prophet

Visiting Teaching Message

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Teaches the Eternal Potential of the Children of God

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
I Didn’t Give UpCarlos A. Del Longo 
Family History ReflectionsStephen C. Young 
Searching in FinlandJudith Ann Laurunen McNeil 
Mom’s JournalEdna F. Chandler 

Line upon Line

Line upon Line: Matthew 5:14–16
When in Rome … Do as These RomansJennifer Maddy 

Lessons from the Book of Mormon

Looking to the Lord
Mary N. Cook 
Primary Songs Blessed MeJennifer A. Lynn 
I Do My Part, and God Does the RestJenny Piderit de la Maza 
From Generation to GenerationAdam C. Olson 


The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

A Message for Misti
Thomas S. Monson 

Sharing Time

Heavenly Father, Are You Really There?
Linda Christensen 

From the Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Trials for Joseph and Emma
President Grant’s ExampleHeidi Rose 

For Little Friends

Time for Family Prayer

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Friend to Friend

My Brother and the Puppy
Keith R. Edwards and Callie Buys 

Making Friends

Omar’s Key to Getting Along

News of the Church

First Latter-day Saint Missionary, Samuel Smith, Born 200 Years Ago

News of the Church

New Area Leadership Assignments

News of the Church

Protecting Family Finances by Avoiding Fraud
Karianne Salisbury 

News of the Church

New Nursery Manual Helps Increase Focus on Teaching and Learning

News of the Church

Temples Announced for Arizona

In the News

In the News

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas