Family Home Evening Ideas

These teaching suggestions can be used in the classroom as well as in the home. You may tailor these ideas to your family or class.

“Enriching Your Study of the Doctrine and Covenants,” p. 10: Discuss with older children different ways to go to Sunday School prepared to learn and participate. Invite them to set a specific goal to be better prepared for Sunday School this year, or set a family goal to work on together. Help younger children set goals that fit their abilities, such as bringing their scriptures to class, being on time, praying for the teacher, or raising their hands. Discuss ways you can help one another meet your goals.

“An Example of the Believers,” p. 36: Have family members write down ways they have seen others be “an example of the believers.” Share your lists, and discuss ways each family member can be a good example. Set some goals to do so.

“The Talent Show,” p. F8: Read the article, and point out what talent Marie discovered she had. To help family members discover their hidden talents, have each person describe a talent of the person on his or her left. If time permits, you may continue this process several times. Conclude by reading Moroni 7:47 and the sidebar quotation by Elder L. Tom Perry.

“Ben’s Week,” p. F14: Read the article, noting the courage Ben needed when asking his grandfather not to go shopping on Sunday. Discuss how family members can be brave when striving to keep the commandments. Role-play some situations that require courage to choose the right.

One Lesson That Changed Our Family Home Evenings

Francis O. and Ada U. Nmeribe, Abuja, Nigeria

We have three young children, ages five, three, and one. Initially our family home evenings were disasters. The children would disruptively keep the attention on themselves. My wife and I felt almost defeated.

Then one Monday night, my wife taught about Samuel the Lamanite using flannel-board pictures as visuals. We all took turns posting the pictures on the board to correspond with the characters in the account as they were mentioned. The children enjoyed the activity so much that we had our first peaceful and Spirit-filled family home evening in many months.

This lesson revolutionized our family home evenings. We began preparing more interactive lessons, and the children volunteered to do all sorts of things to make family home evening work. We also began devoting more time to planning our family home evenings. We made sure that no two home evenings had the same agenda. The variety of activities helped to keep our children’s interest.

It has taken deliberate efforts on our part to institute and sustain these elements in our family home evenings. But our children now anticipate family home evening and participate in more constructive ways.

Your Favorite Home Evening

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