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July 2009


First Presidency Message

Sugar Beets and the Worth of a Soul
Thomas S. Monson 
The Joseph Smith Papers: The Manuscript Revelation BooksMarlin K. Jensen 
Pioneers in Ghana 
Scripture Stories as Patterns for Our LivesJay E. Jensen 
From Bottom to TopDon L. Searle 

Visiting Teaching Message

Qualify for and Partake of Temple Worship
An Honesty TestPatricia A. Jacobs and Francini Presença 
Modesty: A Timeless Principle for AllSilvia H. Allred 
Standards: One Size Fits AllDebbie Twigger 

Instant Messages

Instant Messages
Beautiful Things AheadLia McClanahan 
A Chance to ChangeAngel Luis Sanches Notario 
Always Make the EffortOctaviano Tenorio 


Poster: Pull Together

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
Charity Filled Our HeartsFiona Maile 
Our Little Piece of HeavenRoseli de Oliveira Ribeiro 
Was I Living the Gospel Fully?Carolynn R. Spencer 
Take Me to the TempleAlejandro Robles V. 
Could Tithing Ease My Worries?Nancy Kay Smith 

Using This Issue

Using This Issue
Family Home Evening Ideas 
Scripture Plays in Family Home EveningScott and Connie Mooy 
The Friend 

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Henry B. Eyring 

Sharing Time

Our Family Will Be Strong
Cheryl Esplin 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

Teaching a Friend
Christian S. 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

The Secret to Success
Edis Hazel T. 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

Sunday Football
DJ W. 

Trying to Be Like Jesus

The Immodest Costume
Estera C. 
The Invisible VisitorHeidi Pyper 
Going West 

From the Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith

The Prophet’s Voice

Friend to Friend

Praying and Singing to Heavenly Father
Michael John U. Teh 

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

News of the Church

Going Beyond the Help-Wanted Ads
Jennifer Williams 

News of the Church

Church Adds Value of Virtue to Personal Progress Program
Kimberly Bowen 

News of the Church

New Mission Presidents Begin Service

News of the Church

Additional Sharing Time Ideas