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Jan. 2010


First Presidency Message

Hold on a Little Longer
Dieter F. Uchtdorf 
Strengthening Your Testimony 
Drawing Near to the Lord 

Visiting Teaching Message

Becoming Self-Reliant

Small & Simple Things

Small and Simple Things

Church History around the World

Hong Kong
One Act of KindnessArinzechukwu Okere 

Temple Spotlight

Cardston Alberta Temple

Our Homes, Our Families

How We Learned about Happiness
Lidia Evgenevna Shmakova 

Serving in the Church

Who, Me? Teach?

What We Believe

God Is Truly Our Father
The Best Is Yet to BeJeffrey R. Holland 
Leaving the Past in the Past 
The New Gospel Principles ManualRussell M. Nelson 
Studying the Work of Relief SocietyJulie B. Beck 
Making Mountains: The Parables of the Mountain Guide and the MountainAdam C. Olson 

Gospel Classics

Solving Emotional Problems in the Lord’s Own Way
Boyd K. Packer 

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
Healing My HomesicknessSue Hirase 
Could I Close My Business on Sunday?Gerardo Adrián García Romero 
How Could We Pay Our Rent?Douglas Arévalo 
I Didn’t Have a Temple RecommendAnne-Mette Howland 

They Spoke to Us

What Should We Do When We Don’t Know What to Do?
Stanley G. Ellis 

Gospel in My Life

Aided by the Spirit
Samantha M. Wills 


Timely Even Today
Andrew Horton 

Our Space

Our Space

2010 Mutual Theme

Have Courage: Lead Out in the Cause of Virtue!
Young Women General Presidency 

2010 Mutual Theme

Facing Challenges with Courage
Young Men General Presidency 


Poster: Strong Enough

To the Point

To the Point
My nonmember friends ask why we do baptisms for the dead. How do I answer them? 
How do I tell a friend her music is inappropriate without losing her friendship? 

How I Know

That Book Made Me Curious
Wilfredo Valenzuela 


Praying for an Answer
Sylvia Waterböhr 


The Power of a Question
Virginia Schildböck 


Preparing for the Priesthood
Richard M. Romney 

A Visit to Temple Square

The Salt Lake Temple
Jan Pinborough 


The Candy Ball
J. Harvey Hapi 

Stories of Jesus

Jehovah and the Wonderful Plan of Our Heavenly Father
Diane Mangum 

Sharing Time

Scripture Journal
Sandra Tanner and Cristina Franco 

Our Page

Our Page

For Young Children

Teaching Tanner’s Teacher
Ronda Vincent 

For Young Children

Being Like a Missionary

For Young Children

Help the Missionaries
Arie Van De Graaff 

News of the Church

Changing the World One Virtuous Woman at a Time
Heather Whittle 

News of the Church

Youth to Celebrate A Brand New Year
Ryan Kunz 

Around the Church

Around the Church

World Briefs

World Briefs

News of the Church


News of the Church

Family Home Evening Ideas

News of the Church

A Family Home Evening That Lasts
Sergio Trejo Reyes 

Until We Meet Again

“I Will Be Found of You”
Aaron L. West