Practice and Preparation

One Sunday I was asked to play my violin during sacrament meeting. I was very nervous playing, and my hands and legs were shaking. People in the congregation thought that I played very well, but I felt that I could have done better. As Doctrine and Covenants 38:30 says, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” I learned from this experience the importance of practice.

This applies not only to an instrument but to anything in life. For example, in geometry class I did not understand the material very well. When I practiced hard, it paid off in the end, and I was able to keep up with the material. It is the same with the gospel. If we practice bearing our testimonies, we will do better and not be so nervous or hesitant in sharing them. In fact, I sometimes share my gospel knowledge with my atheist friend at school.

I know that we will do better in life when we practice.

“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

Tifare C., 15, Virginia, USA

When I Pass the Sacrament

The first time I passed the sacrament as a deacon, I was nervous from start to finish. I worried that I would walk in the wrong direction or go to the wrong row. I had looked forward to passing the sacrament for as long as I could remember. I watched the deacons every week and thought about how dignified they looked.

The sacrament is an important time when we think of Jesus Christ and what we can change and how we can improve. A deacon can help others concentrate during the sacrament by dressing properly, being reverent, walking slowly, holding the sacrament trays carefully, and not joking around.

I made it through my first week without making a mistake, and I’m not nervous anymore. Instead, when I am passing the sacrament, I feel reverent and happy.

I have four younger brothers, and I try harder to help them more and not to argue with them. It’s very important to be a good example. If I’m not, they might think the priesthood is not important. But it is. I have changed since I received the priesthood. A good priesthood holder should keep the commandments, treat others well, and remember that we are priesthood holders at school as well as on Sundays.

Hao-Chen W., 15, Taiwan

My Favorite Scripture

“And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life” (1 John 2:25).

I like to read this verse because it reminds me that Heavenly Father has promised we can live forever. And because of the restored gospel, I know that I can live forever with my family if we stay worthy, go to the temple, and keep the promises we make there.

Celesta P., 12, India

Use Time Wisely

I liked the August 2008 First Presidency Message, “May We So Live,” by President Thomas S. Monson. It made me think of the time that we sometimes waste when we don’t try to use it wisely. For example, I was especially touched by the story that President Monson told about the two women who were rivals and, without their realizing it, secret pen pals for most of their lives. When one of the women died, her friend cried about the wasted years that could never be recovered.

Victor Y., 17, Ecuador

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