Ei M., age 11

Kyle V., age 6, Philippines

My family joined the Church before I was born, and I have always attended church. I love to go to Primary because I learn from my teachers and then share what I learn with my friends. One of my favorite Book of Mormon stories is about when Ammon preached the gospel to King Lamoni. I think that story will always be in my mind and heart.

When the time comes for me to be a missionary, I want to be as valiant and humble as Ammon was. I want to learn about the scriptures and have a strong testimony like Ammon had and like the missionary who baptized my parents had. I am grateful for the gospel, and I want to share it with others so they too can know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love them.

Kevin S., age 8, Costa Rica

Gustavo S., age 11, Costa Rica

Yuzaburo I., age 4, lives in Malaysia. He likes to imitate others and make people laugh. He collects all kinds of boxes. He likes to show love to his friends.

Celine A., age 9, is from Denmark. She has two younger brothers. She loves her two pet rabbits and likes spending time with her cousins. She likes baking cookies with her mother and singing in the choir.

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