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Mar. 2010


First Presidency Message

Moral Courage
Henry B. Eyring 
Nobody’s PerfectShauna Skoubye 
Gifts That Give Us Courage 

Visiting Teaching Message

Strengthening Faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ through Personal Scripture Study

We Talk of Christ

Recognizing Gospel Light
Yulia Phares 

Small & Simple Things

Small and Simple Things

On the Calendar

General Conference

Temple Spotlight

São Paulo Brazil Temple

A Moment in Time

The Early Relief Society

Great Lives Remembered

James E. Talmage (1862–1933)

Serving in the Church

Acceptable Service
David E. LeSueur 

What We Believe

The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth
The Lord Truly Protected UsKevin D. Casper 
Safe in His Hand 
Highlights of Church and World Events 

Gospel Classics

The Law of the Fast
Robert L. Simpson 
Remembering the Great Things of GodHeather L. Stock 

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
We Doubled Our Fast OfferingBrooke Mackay 
Do You Believe in the Book of Mormon?Sonola Oladapo Solomon 
Food for the Rest of the WeekMariela Torres Meza 
My Garden Dream 

They Spoke to Us

Neither Trust in the Arm of Flesh
Russell M. Nelson 

Gospel in My Life

When Things Seemed Wrong
Lin Si-Chia 

Young Adults

Why Pay Fast Offerings?

To the Point

To the Point
What are some ways we can respect other religions’ holidays? 
Why are people anointed with oil when they receive a priesthood blessing? 
What is the difference between fasting and going without food? 

How I Know

Searching for the Right Church
Roberto Pinheiro Rocha 


Caught in a Cumbuca
Marcos A. Aidukaitis 


Poster: Stay on the Right Track

Our Space

Our Space
My Favorite ScriptureDayna C. 
No-Stress HomeworkValerie S. 
How Great Thou ArtJonathan D. 


The Defense
Fridrik Rafn Gudmundsson 


Getting the Best of the Bully
Douglas M. Brown 


How Can I Be a Better Friend?


A Testimony of the Prophet
Cecil O. Samuelson Jr. 


A Lesson in Reverence
Thomas S. Monson 

A Visit to Temple Square

Meeting the Primary General President
Anna Culp 

Our Page

Our Page


Lindsay’s Priesthood Blessing
Myrna Hoyt 

Sharing Time

God Speaks through Prophets
Sandra Tanner and Cristina Franco 

For Young Children

Miguel’s New Primary
Lara P. Duffin 

For Young Children

Find the Matching Items
Chad E. Phares 

For Young Children

We Do Not Doubt
Adam C. Olson 

News of the Church

180 Years Later, Book of Mormon Nears 150 Million Copies
Ryan Kunz 

Around the Church

Around the Church

In the News

In the News



World Briefs

World Briefs

News of the Church

Family Home Evening Ideas

Until We Meet Again

Picturing Fatherhood
Antonio Peluso