The Scriptures Are My Anchor

Giccelly D., Venezuela

When I began seminary as a new member of the Church, I never imagined that the scriptures would become my anchor, my shield and protection, my comfort and joy. Through the scriptures I came to know valiant men of God who fought for their beliefs and their families and who always pressed forward, firm and steadfast in Christ. They were humble, patient, and filled with love, charity, and faith. I know they had a desire in their hearts for us in our day to live each principle taught in the scriptures.

Each of these scripture heroes made an impression on me, but the most fascinating one of all was one who was humble and obedient from childhood, one who set a perfect example, one who is owed much by all mankind. That man is Jesus Christ. I have no words to express my gratitude to Him.

Seminary taught me that the scriptures are not just to be stored in our memories but to be applied in our lives. I am thankful to each of my good teachers, who were truly instruments in the hands of the Lord.

My Favorite Scripture

D&C 122:7–9

I was touched by these verses. I believe these words that were said to Joseph Smith could comfort every child of God. How often it seems that our trials are unbearable. But with great mercy and love, God promises us that our trials shall be for our good.

Dovile B., Lithuania

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