Beatriz da S., age 10, Brazil

When I was little, my mother took me to attend many baptisms. But last year, when I was old enough to be baptized, I was very nervous. I was afraid that I couldn’t participate in the ordinance correctly, like those I had watched. Above all, I was afraid to go into the water. But the Holy Ghost helped me. I seemed to keep hearing the words, “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid!” The Holy Ghost helped me overcome these problems so I could be baptized, which was very important to me. I was very blessed. When I came out of the water, I was not afraid of the water any longer, and I felt good inside.

Bryan K., age 9, Taiwan

Work Hard and Be Prepared

I did not do well on my Malay language paper during the first semester examination, and my rank in class dropped badly. I was very upset, but I knew only I was to blame, because I had spent many hours after school playing with my friends instead of doing my homework and studying. My mother and I made a plan to help me improve. I would finish my homework without a fuss as she asked each day, and both of us would pray for me to do well on the second semester exam. I worked hard the whole semester. A week before the exam, my mother was prompted to have me prepare a particular topic for the composition portion of the exam. The teacher decides what the topic will be, and we are graded on how well we write about that topic.

On the day of the exam, I was surprised when I saw that the topic the teacher had chosen was the very one I had prepared for! Because I had worked hard and prepared, even though I did not know this would be the topic, I wrote very well and got an A+! My teacher was surprised that I had improved so much.

I gained a testimony regarding work. I know that when we pray and work hard, we will receive inspiration to help us succeed at our work.

Ethan D., age 11, Malaysia

Gino A., age 6, Philippines

Melanie A., age 3, from Mexico, likes to help her mom by picking up her toys after playing. Now that she is three, she helps at church by sliding the chairs to others so they can stack them up after Sunday meetings. Melanie loves President Monson and loves to see him on television at conference time.

Edwin M., age 9, from Costa Rica, is a good singer and likes to sing “A Child’s Prayer.” He enjoys swimming. At school he often explains the gospel to his friends and reminds them not to say bad words.

Sometimes when I am lying in bed, I imagine what could happen if the house was on fire, and I get very afraid. When that happens, I pray to Heavenly Father. Then I get a restful feeling, and I can fall asleep easily. I am grateful that I can pray to Heavenly Father whenever I am afraid or sad. He helps me to overcome everything.

Lea M., age 9, Germany

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