New Area Leadership Assignments

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The First Presidency has announced changes in area leadership assignments effective on August 1, 2010. All members of Area Presidencies are members of the First or Second Quorums of the Seventy except as noted.

Presidency of the Seventy

Ronald A. Rasband Assists in All Areas

Claudio R. M. Costa 1. North America Southwest

Steven E. Snow 2. Utah North 3. Utah Salt Lake City 4. Utah South

Walter F. González 5. North America Southeast

L. Whitney Clayton 6. North America Northwest 7. North America West

Jay E. Jensen 8. North America Northeast

Donald L. Hallstrom 9. Idaho 10. North America Central

11. Mexico

Benjamín De Hoyos First Counselor

Daniel L. Johnson President

Octaviano Tenorio Second Counselor

12. Central America

Enrique R. Falabella First Counselor

Don R. Clarke President

James B. Martino Second Counselor

13. Caribbean

Gary J. Coleman First Counselor

Francisco J. Viñas President

Wilford W. Andersen Second Counselor

14. South America Northwest

Rafael E. Pino First Counselor

Marcus B. Nash President

Juan A. Uceda Second Counselor

15. Brazil

Carlos A. Godoy First Counselor

Ulisses Soares President

Jairo Mazzagardi Second Counselor

16. Chile

Lawrence E. Corbridge First Counselor

Carlos H.Amado President

Jorge F. Zeballos Second Counselor

17. South America South

Marcos A. Aidukaitis First Counselor

Mervyn B. Arnold President

Bradley D. Foster Second Counselor

18. Europe

Gérald Caussé First Counselor

Erich W. Kopischke President

José A. Teixeira Second Counselor

19. Europe East

Larry R. Lawrence First Counselor

Gregory A. Schwitzer President

Aleksandr N. Manzhos * Second Counselor

20. Middle East/Africa North

Bruce D. Porter

Paul B. Pieper

Administered from Headquarters

21. Africa West

John B. Dickson First Counselor

Craig A. Cardon President

Joseph W. Sitati Second Counselor

22. Africa Southeast

F. Michael Watson First Counselor

Paul E. Koelliker President

Dale G. Renlund Second Counselor

23. Asia

Kent D. Watson First Counselor

Anthony D. Perkins President

Carl B. Pratt Second Counselor

24. Asia North

Yoon Hwan Choi First Counselor

Gary E. Stevenson President

Koichi Aoyagi Second Counselor

25. Philippines

Won Yong Ko First Counselor

Keith R. Edwards President

Michael John U. Teh Second Counselor

26. Pacific

James J. Hamula First Counselor

Tad R. Callister President

Brent H. Nielson Second Counselor

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