Liahona Changes Things

I want to thank you for the messages that come in the Liahona every month. They are very helpful; they help me make every day better. Whenever I get discouraged and think life is too hard, I read a message from the Liahona and everything changes. Thank you for all you do—for me and for many others.

Edgar Celestino, Texas, USA

Keeping in Touch Online

I was baptized in 1990 and have always attended my Church meetings. But recently I was sent to another country as a peacekeeper, and for now I cannot attend any meetings. My way of staying in contact with the Church is to read the magazines online. This has been a great inspiration to me. I feel the Spirit strongly as I read the words of our prophet and other Church leaders. I miss partaking of the sacrament, but I know Heavenly Father understands my circumstances. Thank you for the magazines online.

Olukunbi Orimoloye, Nigeria

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Call for Articles

Has your Christmas celebration ever not been as you wanted or not gone as you planned? Maybe you were sick, mourning a loss, in the military, away at school, or separated from family and friends. How did you celebrate the Savior and His birth in those circumstances? Please limit your experience to 500 words, label it “Christmas Celebrations,” and send it to