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Dec. 2010


First Presidency Message

Can We See the Christ?
Dieter F. Uchtdorf 
Missionary ChristmasLoran Cook 
Looking to See the Savior 

Visiting Teaching Message

Our Responsibility to Participate in Temple and Family History Work

Small & Simple Things

Small and Simple Things

In the Words of the Prophets

A Christmas Memory
Thomas S. Monson 
The Power of Family Home EveningWalkiria Santana Cairo 

Serving in the Church

Unto the Least of These
Dianne W. Stoddard 

Our Homes, Our Families

Helping Children Exercise Their Agency
Marcos Fernando dos Santos 

What We Believe

Jesus Christ Is the Only Begotten Son of God

Gospel Classics

The Story That Is Ever New
Heber J. Grant 
Lullaby for TimothyKatherine Clement Poulsen 
Handel and the Gift of MessiahSpencer J. Condie 
“If I Were There”Richard M. Romney 
A Gift Worthy of Added CareNeil L. Andersen 
Christmas Traditions of the Seventy 

We Talk of Christ

The Gift
Joan M. Olenycz 

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
You Were the AngelsHeidi Windish Fernandez 
I Defended the Prophet JosephMaria Brando 
My Best ChristmasMorten Sønderskov 
Who Will Be the Present?Ana Márcia Agra de Oliveira 

They Spoke to Us

Fear Not
Tad R. Callister 

Gospel in My Life

Not Enough Time?
Hong Ook Son 

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers


Poster: Love’s Pure Light

Our Space

Our Space


Christmas in the New World
Wendy Kenney 


The Best Present
Ailson Sales 

How I Know

Like Sweet Milk
Yolanda Morales Posadas 


The Open House
Jane McBride Choate 


A Christmas Gift for Jesus
Diane L. Mangum 

Our Page

Our Page

Sharing Time

I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Sandra Tanner and Cristina Franco 


Straw for the Manger
Jacob F. Frandsen 


Jesus Is Born
Diane L. Mangum 


A Special Guest
Lorraine Richardson 

For Young Children

The First Christmas Gift
Chad E. Phares 

For Young Children

Christmas Service

News of the Church

Church Members Share the Gospel Online
Breanna Olaveson 

News of the Church

Mormon.org Redesign Connects Members and Investigators

In the News

In the News

Temple News

Temple News

News of the Church


News of the Church

Family Home Evening Ideas

Until We Meet Again

Christmas in the Vineyard
Larry Hiller 
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