Liahona Has the Answers

The Liahona has been a great blessing to me, to my family, and to all those I have the opportunity to speak with about the Church. Whenever I need counsel, I turn to the Liahona, and I always find the answer I need. The Liahona on the Internet is wonderful too—it helps me prepare for talks and lessons by saving me hours of research.

Maurilio Braz Santana, Brazil

A Guide for Those Who Seek

Each month when I read the Liahona, it gives me something more than I had before. It reminds me of the Savior’s love for me and helps me improve. I know that this magazine is a guide for those who truly seek guidance.

Ange-Loraine Kouadio, Côte d’Ivoire

Feels the Spirit of LDS Voices

The Liahona is better and better each month. I rejoice when I receive it, for I know with a surety that I will find inspiring messages in it. I particularly like Latter-day Saint Voices. I feel the Spirit when I read of those who overcome difficulties and temptations through the example and teachings of the Redeemer.

Sheila Uamba, Mozambique

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