Jazzive V., age 7, from South Carolina, USA, likes to visit the temple with her parents, and she loves Jesus Christ very much. She has a goal to learn the Articles of Faith before her baptism.

I Felt the Spirit

One evening, like every evening, I knelt down by my bed before going to sleep and prayed. But that night after I prayed, I felt happier than I have ever felt before. I know I felt the Holy Ghost that night.

Lisa E., age 12, Germany

Daniela M., age 8, from Costa Rica, likes to have family home evening and share with her family. She likes to play with her brother, Rodolpho. Her favorite color is fuchsia.

Rodolpho M., age 6, likes to read the scriptures about the birth of Jesus Christ. His favorite color is blue. He loves his parents because they take care of him and love him.

I Can Feel Good

When I do something wrong, I say I am sorry and try to do better. When I do what is right, the Holy Ghost helps me feel good. I want to always have that good feeling inside of me. In the Book of Mormon, when Alma the Younger did something bad, he repented and did what was right. He became a good example.

Jared Y., age 5, West Malaysia

Valery R., age 11, Switzerland

Fynn S., age 10, Germany

Juan G., age 6, Ecuador

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Right: drawings by Juan and Fynn are from the children’s art exhibit