A Powerful Tool

I have always subscribed to the Liahona, but when I was less active I didn’t read it very often. One day I was cleaning a closet and came across some very old copies. As I looked through them, one story caught my attention. It was about a sister who had been less active for several years and had no intention of going back to church. But an inspired bishop issued her a calling, and she gave up her bad habits and returned. This story had a profound effect on me—it was the first step in my return to activity. Now, years later, the Liahona is a powerful tool in our home. The counsel, guidance, and testimonies in the magazine help us every day.

Moema Lima Salles Broedel, Brazil

Stories for Children—and Adults

I am the mother of a young child, and every night before bed I love to read to him the stories for children from the Liahona. It has been a blessing for me as well, because I have learned about Jesus Christ, the Prophet Joseph Smith, reverence, prayer, and many other things. Keep up the good work!

Silvia Ruiz de Muñoz, Ecuador

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