It Brings Sweet Words

The Liahona brings the words of the prophets to the members of the Church scattered all over the world. When I read the Liahona, I feel the Spirit and I receive guidance. It helps me know the things I ought to do. I am grateful for the magazine—it changes my way of living through the sweet words it brings me.

Mariana da Graça Augusto, Mozambique

Messages Strengthen and Renew

I love reading the Liahona magazine—my testimony is strengthened and renewed when I ponder the messages of the living prophets. The Spirit testifies to me that their messages are revelations and the will of our Heavenly Father. I know He has called prophets to lead us during this time.

James Russell Cruz, Philippines

Come to the Rescue

I have been touched by President Thomas S. Monson’s counsel to all of the Saints to come to the rescue of those who have become less active. I have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost because of the prophet’s message.

Guillermo Vasquez Ocampo

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