Following the Prophet Makes Me Happy

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    Heavenly Father has given us prophets to guide us and teach us so we can be happy.

    Find your way through the maze by following the instructions provided by each prophet. Match each picture in the maze with the one from the list above that tells you which way to go.

    prophets maze

    From left: detail from Noah’s Preaching Scorned, by Harry Anderson © IRI; Moses the Lawgiver, by Ted Henninger © IRI; detail from Mormon Abridging the Plates and Moroni Burying the Plates, by Tom Lovell © IRI; detail from Prepare Ye the Way, by Harry Anderson © Pacific Press Publishing Association, may not be copied; detail from He Is Risen, by Dan Burr; detail from Prophet of the Lord, by David Lindsley, may not be copied


    Go right


    Go down


    Go left


    Go left

    John the Baptist

    Go right


    Go right

    Joseph Smith

    Go up

    President Thomas S. Monson

    Go up