Lucas L., age 9, Argentina

Developing Faith in God

The booklet Faith in God has helped me progress in keeping the commandments of Heavenly Father. I encourage all children to complete the booklet and develop their talents by serving in the Church. I set a goal and played the violin in a duet with my brother at church. I have a brother who is serving a mission—he is a great example for me, as are all the members of my family!

Charlotte de B., age 10, France

Rebeca B., age 4, from Brazil, adores going to church. She always wants to sing “I Am a Child of God” and “Families Can Be Together Forever” in family home evening each week, and she knows all the words. At only three years and a few months of age, she already knew the first three Articles of Faith. She speaks of Sunday as the Lord’s day and is a blessing to her family.

Jay R., age 5, from Indonesia, loves his family very much. His parents have taught him to love others. He has many friends, and he likes to share with them. He loves the Lord’s creations, such as plants and animals. He really likes insects and also spiders, because they make their own webs. He is grateful for all things the Lord has created for him.

Timothy K., age 3, Ukraine

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