Building Together

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Building Together

VROOM. VROOM. VROOM. Ashley looked out her window. She saw a blue truck. She saw big piles of dirt. The neighbors were building a new house.

“What makes dirt piles?” Ashley asked. “Who makes houses?”

“Trucks make dirt piles,” Mom said. “Builders make houses.”

“My teacher said Jesus made everything,” Ashley said.

“Yes,” Mom said. “Jesus made everything they build houses with.”

Ashley looked in her yard. “Like trees, and rocks, and dirt?” Ashley asked.

“Yes,” Mom said. “Jesus also made our bodies. Our bodies can build things.”

Ashley was happy. Jesus helped her neighbors to be able to build a house. She knew He could help her make things too.

A Beautiful Earth

Ashley learned that Heavenly Father and Jesus made everything. Look at this beautiful place They created. See if you can find and circle in the picture the images at the bottom of the page.

family hiking(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Adam Koford