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March 2013


First Presidency Message

Peace, Be Still
Thomas S. Monson Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

October Conference Notebook
Raising Resilient Children Lyle J. Burrup
You Are Free D. Todd Christofferson
Living the Principles of Self-Reliance Larry Hiller and Kathryn H. Olson
The Power of the Word of God Michael John U. Teh
The Blessings of Tithing
Creating Christ-Centered Easter Traditions Diane L. Mangum

Teaching For the Strength of Youth

The Importance of Family

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
The Right Time to Marry By Alissa Strong
To the Point
What Happens after We Die?
Don’t Wear Masks Quentin L. Cook
My Brother Believed in Me David Dickson
I Have a Testimony of the Family Ann M. Dibb
Hidden Dangers Joshua J. Perkey

From the Mission Field

Touched by a Testimony
Michael Harken
Where the Book of Mormon Was Published Jan Pinborough
Ric’s New Book Laura Byrd
Megan’s Lambs Julina K. Mills
Why is Jesus Christ so important to us? Dallin H. Oaks
Because He Lives Marivic Pasigay and Marissa Widdison
Jesus Christ Is Our Savior
Picturing Easter
A Gift from Heavenly Father Chad E. Phares
Leaders Encourage Members to Tie Family History to the Temple Heather Whittle Wrigley
Media Professionals Needed to Work on Church Projects Ryan Morgenegg
Church Presence Growing in South America, Elders Oaks and Bednar Report Jason Swensen
President Monson Rededicates Boise Temple Sarah Jane Weaver
Church Preparing Online Resources for Youth Activities
Around the Church

Until We Meet Again

The Minefield Rescue
Russell Westergard
Prophet Portrait: John Taylor