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April 2013


First Presidency Message

He Is Risen
Henry B. Eyring Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

Temple Covenants

April Conference Notebook

Studying Conference Talks Together
Greg Batty

Teaching For the Strength of Youth

The Importance of Good Friends

What We Believe

The Holy Ghost Comforts, Inspires, and Testifies
Death and Life: Pioneer Perspectives on the Resurrection
The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ Russell M. Nelson
Easter Week
Helping Children Prepare for Baptism Jessica Larsen and Marissa Widdison
Drawn to the Temple Jairo Mazzagardi

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
Choosing the Better Part Matthew D. Flitton

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers
How to Serve in Priesthood Callings Thomas S. Monson

Our Space

Our Space
Why We Need the Book of Mormon
Growth in Fertile Soil: Faithful Youth in Uganda Cindy Smith

For the Strength of Youth

What Is a True Friend?
Elaine S. Dalton

How I Know

My Invitation to Salvation
Emerson José da Silva
Ten Ways to Know You Are Converted Tyler Orton


Poster: Hard Work Is Well Worth It
Grandma Deny’s Little Missionary Emília Maria Guimarães Correa

Special Witness

Why does the Church have such a long name?
M. Russell Ballard
Celebrating Temples! Darcie Jensen
Temple Questions and Answers
Families Can Be Together Forever Ruth Muir Gardner and Vanja Y. Watkins

Bringing Primary Home

Jesus Christ Restored His Church in the Latter Days

On the Trail

Where the Church Was Organized
Jan Pinborough

For Young Children

For Young Children
Worldwide Leadership Training—a New Approach
Responding to the Call for More Missionaries: Fostering a Missionary Mindset at Home and in Church Heather Whittle Wrigley
Church Releases New Edition of English Scriptures in Digital Formats
Young Women and Relief Society General Leaders Tour Asia Area Brenda Frandsen, David O. Heaps, Paul Stevens, and Linda Rae Pond Smith
Around the Church



Until We Meet Again

Drinking from the Fountain
Aaron L. West

Prophet Portrait

Prophet Portrait: Wilford Woodruff