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July 2013


First Presidency Message

The World Needs Pioneers Today
Thomas S. Monson Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

Teaching and Learning the Gospel
April 2013 Conference Notebook

What We Believe

Whom the Lord Calls He Qualifies

Serving in the Church

A Television and a Spirit Lifted
Kaci Cronin

Teaching For the Strength of Youth

Honesty and Integrity
With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible Sang-Ick Han
Pioneer Faith and Fortitude—Then and Now M. Russell Ballard
A God of Miracles: The Slovak Saints in Sheffield Erich W. Kopischke
Latter-day Saint Voices
Living for the Eternities Keith K. Hilbig
Experiences in Profound Trust Melissa Zenteno
Conviction with Compassion Jeffrey R. Holland
Forgiving the One in the Mirror David Dickson
Permanent Marker Dani Dunaway Rowan
Honesty and Integrity Christoffel Golden Jr.
Returned with Honor Valerie Best
Power in Covenants
Favorite Family Home Evenings
My Summers by the Temple David Isaksen
Family Home Evening Wheel
Save Her! Heidi S. Swinton
Families Are Part of Heavenly Father’s Plan
Challenges in Missouri Jennifer Maddy
Our Page
Why is family history work so important? David A. Bednar
The Story Rug Kay Timpson
Family Story Swap
Hi, I’m Erika from El Salvador
Jesus Calls His Disciples Margo Mae
New Mission Presidents Called to Serve
Elder Cook Addresses Members and Investigators in Ivory Coast R. Scott Lloyd
Recent Passing of Frances J. Monson
Around the Church

Until We Meet Again

Walking the Trail of Hope—Together
LaRene Porter Gaunt
Prophet Portrait: Joseph F. Smith