I love my mother very much and like to help her do dishes. I also pray for my father. I know that Heavenly Father tells us, “Don’t hit people, don’t call people names, and don’t hurt little animals.”

Ya-Se C., age 4, Taiwan

During family home evening, I like to give a scriptural thought and say a prayer. I like my Primary friends, and I like raising and caring for pigeons. I would like to go to the Nauvoo Illinois Temple someday, and I want to be a missionary too. I love my family so much! I know the Church is true, and I love the Book of Mormon.

Prince M., age 9, Philippines

I know that Jesus Christ lives, that He loves us, and that the Church is true. The story of the tree of life teaches that if we follow the gospel, we can be happy.

Manuelis R., age 5, Venezuela

Trying to Be Like Jesus

When I came out of the gymnasium at school one day, all my things were dumped out of my backpack, and a toy I had in there was gone. I thought my friend had taken my toy because he had tried to buy it from me earlier that day. I was sad because this meant we would not be friends anymore. That night I prayed that whoever took my toy would understand that it was wrong and would give it back to me. The next day at school my friend gave me back the toy and asked me to forgive him so we could be friends again. I was so happy, and I forgave him. I am grateful the Holy Ghost helped my friend and me do what was right. I know I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime and He will help me.

Brandon A., age 8, Mexico

One time my mother and I took my brothers to the airport because they were going on a trip. We encountered a lot of traffic, and we were afraid they might miss their plane. My mother wasn’t feeling very well either. That’s when I said a prayer, and I had faith that it would be answered. We did get my brothers to their plane on time! I know Heavenly Father heard my prayer.

Sara P., age 11, Italy

When my baptism and confirmation was only a day or two away, I had a fever and was not feeling very good. I did not want to postpone my baptism. I felt I should go ahead on the appointed day. Many relatives and friends, some who are not members of the Church, came to my baptism. When I was baptized, my fever went down right away, and I felt a lot better. That day I felt the Holy Ghost very strongly. I am grateful that I could be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost.

Sara M., age 8, Spain

I will always remember the day of my baptism because it was the most important day of my life. That was the day I made a covenant with Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, live and that They love me very much. I love going to the temple, even though I cannot go in yet.

Milton Aarón V., age 10, Ecuador