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October 2013


First Presidency Message

Our Responsibility to Rescue
Thomas S. Monson Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Creator

October Conference Notebook

General Conference Ideas
Tina Spencer

Teaching For the Strength of Youth

Physical and Emotional Health
Members Can Request Priesthood Line of Authority Ryan Morgenegg

Around the Church

Around the Church
Act Well Your Part Quentin L. Cook
Teens and Temple Covenants Gary and Susan Carter
Our Great Missionary Heritage LaRene Porter Gaunt and Linda Dekker Lopez
Prepared against the Day of Battle Eduardo Gavarret
Hastening the Work of Salvation
Becoming a Man of Peace Matthew D. Flitton

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
How Can I Be a Successful Missionary? Lauren Bangerter Wilde
Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary David A. Bednar
Just Smile and Say No Hazel Marie Tibule

For the Strength of Youth

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Smart
Adrián Ochoa
Follow in His Footsteps Melissa Zenteno

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers
Why and What Do I Need to Confess to My Bishop? C. Scott Grow
Inviting the Savior In O. Vincent Haleck
Brand-New Deacon Jane McBride Choate

On the Trail

Waiting in Winter Quarters
Jennifer Maddy
The Saints Stop at Winter Quarters Arie Van De Graaff

Special Witness

How does Jesus Christ speak to prophets?
D. Todd Christofferson
Helping Violet Charlotte Mae Sheppard

Bringing Primary Home

I Will Share the Gospel with All of God’s Children
Camille from New York City

Our Page

Our Page

For Young Children

Jesus Blesses the Little Children
Jan Pinborough

Until We Meet Again

I Swear …
R. Val Johnson

Prophet Portrait

Prophet Portrait: David O. McKay