Standing in Holy Places

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This year Church magazines invited youth from all over the world to send in pictures that show how they stand in holy places. Take a look at some of the pictures sent in and see what youth did to live the 2013 Mutual theme.


1 Anytime I’m involved in wholesome activities, especially with my family, I’m standing in holy places.

LaRae R., age 16, British Columbia, Canada

2 I stand in holy places when I value things that have eternal worth over the things of the world.

Kirck M., age 18, Negros Occidental, Philippines

3 To me, standing in a holy place means doing service. My favorite way to do service is in the temple. I can feel such a strong spirit when I am doing the Lord’s work in the Lord’s house.

Kiana B., age 15, Utah, USA


4 I’m standing next to the baptismal font where I was baptized. I consider this font to be a holy place because it’s where people make covenants with God and are made new.

Joe-Smith E., age 17, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

5 Whenever I go up to the mountains and am separated from the world, I realize that they can be holy and peaceful places.

Emma P., age 17, Oregon, USA

6 I love the outdoors, and whenever I’m in a place like this (Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah), I feel more connected with my Heavenly Father. Being able to see the amazing things Heavenly Father created for us helps me feel the Spirit.

John T., age 18, Utah, USA

7 My home is a holy, sacred place because I feel very happy and peaceful there. And when I read the Book of Mormon, I feel a quiet peace through the Holy Ghost.

Melisa D., age 13, Kosovo

young women

8 This is a picture from New Beginnings. For me, the church building is a holy place where I learn the Young Women values and the principles of the gospel. At church, I also strengthen the friendships I have with young women who share the same faith.

Luize S., age 12, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

9 I stand in a holy place when I help people and have fun with good friends.

James R., 17, North Carolina, USA

10 I stand in a holy place when I’m with friends who live the gospel. They help me stay connected to our Heavenly Father and be in greater harmony with the Holy Ghost.

Jonathan N., age 17, Buenos Aires, Argentina


11 I stand in holy places when I play the piano in sacrament meeting. The melodies and lyrics of the hymns strengthen my faith and testimony.

Chelsea A., age 13, Banten, Indonesia

12 I stand in holy places when I lead the songs in sacrament meeting because I am touched by the beautiful singing of the congregation.

Geovani W., age 15, Banten, Indonesia

13 I stand in holy places when I teach my quorum on Sundays. I love sharing the gospel.

Ramón M., age 16, California, USA

Other Holy Places

Here’s how other youth completed the sentence “I stand in holy places when …”

  • “I share the gospel with my friends.” John B., age 17, Ceará, Brazil

  • “I stand with the missionaries, because working with them gives me more experience sharing the gospel, and soon I will be a full-time missionary.” Joseph H., age 18, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • “I’m on the basketball court and am helpful to my teammates and show good sportsmanship to the players, even to the other team.” Emily C., age 12, Utah, USA

  • “We perform in our high school choir and share our talents.” Tanner M., age 17; Kaylynn S., age 15; Lexie J., age 17; Spencer M., age 17; Idaho, USA

  • “I go to Young Women camp. I have the opportunity to meet other young women who share the same standards and values and to meet leaders who teach us principles so we can learn to do what is right.” Norma V., age 17, Guayas, Ecuador

  • “I attend seminary. It helps me keep the Spirit throughout my day!” Savannah F., age 17, Arizona, USA

  • “I make it known to my teammates what I stand for at my school cheer practice.” Makenna F., age 15, California, USA

  • “I pass the sacrament and remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Axel S., age 14, Indonesia

  • “I keep myself clean and choose the right, because I know if I keep it up, I can someday get married in the temple. ” Whitney H., age 15, Utah, USA

  • “I keep my covenants with God.” Mark M., age 17, Oregon, USA

Now think about what you have learned from this year’s Mutual theme. What are some of your holy places? How can you continue to stand in holy places? Consider recording your thoughts in your journal.