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April 2014


First Presidency Message

A Firmly Set Anchor
Dieter F. Uchtdorf Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Savior and Redeemer
Old Testament Prophets: Moses

Our Homes, Our Families

Seven Days Till Easter
We Are the Lord’s Hands Neil K. Newell
Special Witnesses Testify of the Living Christ
Follow the Prophet William R. Walker

Pioneers in Every Land

The Philippines: Spiritual Strength upon the Isles of the Sea
Using the Plan of Salvation to Answer Questions LaRene Porter Gaunt
Latter-day Saint Voices
If Your Eye Be Single to My Glory Katherine Nelson and Heidi McConkie
Conversion and Sacrifice in Finland Melissa Zenteno
Men and Women in the Work of the Lord M. Russell Ballard
Preparing to Serve, Serving to Prepare David L. Beck
The Power to Bless All People
Bringing the Blessings of the Priesthood into Your Home Bonnie L. Oscarson
The Confidence of Worthiness Jeffrey R. Holland
The Gate and the Path
Questions and Answers: What should I do when a topic is brought up at school that goes against gospel teachings, such as abortion?
True or False? David A. Edwards
“That’s So Easy, Grandpa!” Enrique R. Falabella
Porter’s Promise Carole M. Stephens
The Family Is Central to Heavenly Father’s Plan Jan Taylor
Bright Idea Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Moving the Rock Terence M. Vinson
I’m Dria from the Philippines Amie Jane Leavitt
To Think about Jesus Mabel Jones Gabbott

Until We Meet Again

Finding Hope in the Future
Stan Pugsley
Prophet Portrait: Howard W. Hunter