I’m Loredana from Italy

Amie Jane Leavitt

The author lives in Utah, USA.

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Ciao, amici! *

Does the city where you live have a nickname? The city where Loredana lives is sometimes called the Eternal City. Loredana lives in Rome, Italy. This beautiful, historic city has many interesting places to visit, like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.

Every school morning, after reading the scriptures together, Loredana and her family eat breakfast (usually cereal and milk). Then she goes to school. She especially likes art and computer classes. When she gets home, she likes to play with her little brother, Francesco.

I Love to See the Temple

My mom and stepdad plan to be sealed in the Rome Italy Temple after it is dedicated. I am excited for that day too. It will be a very special day for our whole family!

Ready to Go!

Loredana’s bag is packed with some of her favorite things. Which of these things would you pack in your bag?

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    “Hello, friends!” in Italian.