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June 2014


First Presidency Message

Hastening the Work
Thomas S. Monson Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Minister

We Talk of Christ

Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me
Cesar Lima Escalante

Our Homes, Our Families

The Challenges Are the Blessings
Rachel Harrison

Old Testament Prophets


Teaching For the Strength of Youth

Tithes and Offerings
Media with Merit Katherine Nelson
Parenting, Unplugged Jan Pinborough
Priesthood Power—Available to All Linda K. Burton

Pioneers in Every Land

Latter-day Saints in Italy: A Legacy of Faith
Lia McClanahan
The Call to Be Christlike Jeffrey R. Holland
Latter-day Saint Voices
Follow the Path of Happiness Gérald J. Caussé
Sharing the Gospel Online Maria Mahonri-Yggrazil Arduo Andaca
Agency and Answers: Recognizing Revelation Richard G. Scott
What if I Don’t Feel a Burning in the Bosom? Rachel Nielsen
Follow the Little Promptings David Dickson
A Blessing for My Brother Jesse Jones

Questions & Answers

What am I supposed to think about during the sacrament?

For the Strength of Youth

Tithing Provides Inner Strength
Anthony D. Perkins
Finding My Way Back to the Church Doug Boyack
A Blessing for Mamá Susan Barrett

Special Witness

How can I be like a missionary now?
Neil L. Andersen
The Reverence Lamb Scott D. Whiting

Friends around the World

I’m Loredana from Italy
Amie Jane Leavitt
Massimo from Italy

Following Jesus

Be Helpful
Making Music in Uganda David Dickson

Bringing Primary Home

Priesthood Ordinances and Temple Work Bless My Family
Jennifer Maddy

Our Page

Our Page

For Young Children

Will’s Great Idea
Lynn Greenway

Until We Meet Again

The Power of When
Kelly Louise Urarii

Prophet Portrait

Gordon B. Hinckley