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July 2014


First Presidency Message

The Promise of Hearts Turning
Henry B. Eyring Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Advocate

April 2014 Conference Notebook

April 2014 Conference Notebook

What We Believe

We Teach by the Power of the Holy Ghost

Serving in the Church

Leading Like the Savior
Ryan Carr

Old Testament Prophets


Teaching For the Strength of Youth

Work and Self-Reliance
LDS Charities Featured at United Nations Event
Apostles Minister to Many Nations
Leaders Offer Comfort, Support in Philippines
New Mission Presidents Called to Serve

Pioneers in Every Land

The Church in Brazil: The Future Has Finally Arrived
Mark L. Grover
The Book of Mormon, the Gathering of Israel, and the Second Coming Russell M. Nelson
Be Like Ammon
Ten Tips for Parents of Young Adults Wendy Ulrich

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
Becoming Perfect in Christ Gerrit W. Gong
Divine Covenants Make Strong Christians D. Todd Christofferson
What Do You See? David A. Edwards

Our Space

Our Space

For the Strength of Youth

Work—Who Needs It?
Randall L. Ridd
Moving Pipe in Muddy Shoes Raymond M. Allton

To the Point

To the Point


Poster: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
Serving for the Right Reasons Rasem Maluff
Mormons Do Believe in God Brenda Hernandez Ruiz

Special Witness

What can we do to be worthy of the Spirit?
Boyd K. Packer
My Lesson on Faith Emma R.
My Body Is a Temple Marissa Widdison

Bringing Primary Home

We Become Members of the Church through Baptism and Confirmation
Jennifer Maddy

Our Page

Our Page
Prepared to Serve Eduardo Gavarret

Friends around the World

I’m Pedro from Brazil
Amie Jane Leavitt

For Young Children

Sarah Walked and Walked
Heidi Poelman

Until We Meet Again

Keep Your Eyes on the Shore
Richard M. Romney

Prophet Portrait

Prophet Portrait