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January 2014


First Presidency Message

The Best Time to Plant a Tree
By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Exemplar
October 2013 Conference Notebook

We Talk of Christ

From Darkness into Light
Name withheld

Old Testament Prophets

Old Testament Prophets: Adam

Gospel Classics

The Divine Godhead
By President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008)

Teaching For the Strength of Youth

Sabbath Day Observance
Face the Future with Faith and Hope By Elder M. Russell Ballard

Pioneers in Every Land

Mexico Unfurled: From Struggle to Strength
By Sally Johnson Odekirk
True and Faithful: Inspiration from the Life and Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith By Hoyt W. Brewster Jr.

Latter-day Saint Voices

Latter-day Saint Voices
Enduring Well By Elder J. Christopher Lansing
Preparing Gifts for Your Future Family By President Henry B. Eyring
2014 Mutual Theme

Line upon Line

Line upon Line: Moroni 10:32


Poster: Come unto Christ
How Can Knowing the Godhead Change Me? By Lori Fuller

For the Strength of Youth

I Do Always Remember Him
By Larry M. Gibson
Adding Up to Success By Daniel Kawai

To the Point

To the Point
Both Parts of the Blessing By Brittany Beattie

Our Space

Our Space

Friends around the World

We’re Mahonri and Helaman from Mexico
From an interview with Amie Jane Leavitt

Special Witness

What does it mean to be a Christian?
By Elder Robert D. Hales

Our Page

Our Page
Just Like the Scriptures! By Renae Weight Mackley

Old Testament Scripture Challenge

Old Testament Scripture Challenge
The Victory Tunnel By Rosemary M. Wixom

Bringing Primary Home

Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him

Until We Meet Again

Can He See Me?
By Teresa Starr

Prophet Portrait

Prophet Portrait: Harold B. Lee