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February 2017

Family Home Evening Ideas

First Presidency Message

”As I Have Loved You”
Thomas S. Monson Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

Christ’s Atonement Is Evidence of God’s Love

October 2016 Conference Notebook

October 2016 Conference Notebook

We Talk of Christ

The True Miracle of Healing
Jonathan Taylor

Our Homes, Our Families

Am I Going to Die?
Gregory Hamblin
Life’s a Play: The Plan of Salvation in Three Acts Margaret Willden
The Voice of the Spirit Eduardo Gavarret

Portraits of Faith

Adriana González: Central Department, Paraguay
Understanding Church History by Study and Faith Keith A. Erekson
Heartbreak and Hope: When a Spouse Uses Pornography
I Set Out to Find a Temple Mireille Rouffet
Family History and Temple Blessings Dale G. Renlund
Giving Up My Mission Fund Frederick John Holt
Finding Peace in the Sacrament Jane McBride
The Comforting Power of Christ Chris Deaver
Tutored by the Lord: Single Parenthood Susan Kagie
Finding Peace in Imperfection Elizabeth Lloyd Lund
Working Out Weaknesses, Sketching Out Faith E. Tracy Williams
At a Crossroads with My Friends Stephen W. Owen


Poster: Reach Out to Others
Find, Take, Teach: Join the Temple Challenge Carlisa Cramer
Three Ways to Be Involved in Family History Sally Johnson Odekirk

Line upon Line

1 Corinthians 10:13

Answers from Church Leaders

How to Change
Jeffrey R. Holland

Our Space

Our Space

Questions & Answers

How do I make time for Church activities, family home evening, and family and personal scripture study when homework takes so much time?
When the Plan Became Real Alissa Holm
Me? A Bully? Merillee Booren

Children with Heart

Sharing Love with Friends
Devan Jensen
Multiplication Master Jessica Larsen

Answers from an Apostle

What are priesthood keys?
Gary E. Stevenson

Church History Figures

Baptism and the Priesthood Restored

Stories of Jesus

When Jesus Was a Child
Kim Webb Reid

Coloring Page

I Can Show Love for Others

Until We Meet Again

The Parable of the Unwise Bee
James E. Talmage
Conference Quote Cards
Conference Quote Cards