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March 2017

Family Home Evening Ideas

First Presidency Message

Armed with Righteousness
Henry B. Eyring Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

The Enabling Power of Jesus Christ and His Atonement

October 2016 Conference Notebook

October 2016 Conference Notebook

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

The Power of Teaching Doctrine
Douglas D. Holmes
Preparing a Spiritual Feast Manuel Emilio Ciriaco
An Outpouring of the Spirit
Blessed by My Faithful Sister Rafael Antillon
The Gospel and the Good Life Quentin L. Cook

Portraits of Faith

Markus Tilgner: Saxony Anhalt, Germany

Latter-day Saint Voices

Visiting Teaching, Family History, and Mothers
Heike Baake

Latter-day Saint Voices

My Visiting Teachers Found Me
Enilze do Rocio Ferreira da Silva

Latter-day Saint Voices

The Stranger’s Smile
Jenner Porter

Latter-day Saint Voices

Helping Mirta Return
Raquel Elizabeth Pedraza de Brosio
Be an Example of the Believers Von G. Keetch

Young Adult Profiles

Taste the World in South Africa
McKenna Johnson
7 Things We Fear about Repentance: And Why We Shouldn’t David A. Edwards
Just What the Doctor Ordered Charlotte Larcabal

To the Point

To the Point

From the Mission Field

Hesitantly Faithful, Abundantly Blessed
Isaias Vargas Chavarria

Our Space

Our Space


Poster: Choose Hope

Answers from Church Leaders

How to Face Trials of Faith
Neil L. Andersen
The Last-Minute Miracle Cesar H. Bonito Duarte
Worth the Wait Jessica Larsen

Answers from an Apostle

What if I feel like I don’t measure up?
Jeffrey R. Holland

Question Corner

Question Corner

Children with Heart

Painting Love
Jill Hacking
A Great Feeling Jane McBride
Seeing God’s Prophet Kim B. Clark

Church History Figures

The Church Is Organized

Stories of Jesus

Jesus Was Baptized
Kim Webb Reid

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Until We Meet Again

A Lesson from Dandy
David O. McKay