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April 2017

Family Home Evening Ideas

First Presidency Message

The Just Shall Live by Faith
Dieter F. Uchtdorf Watch

Visiting Teaching Message

Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood
The Savior’s Atonement: Foundation of True Christianity Robert D. Hales
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Truths about the Body David A. Edwards
Come, Come unto Him Steven K. Jones and Michael F. Moody
A Bridge to Hope and Healing Nanon Talley
The Old Family Album: The Power of Family Stories Amneris Puscasu
War Goes On Larry R. Lawrence

Portraits of Faith

Skaidrīte Bokuma: Kurzeme Region, Latvia

Latter-day Saint Voices

Please Don’t Play That Song
Maria Hernandez

Latter-day Saint Voices

The Lost Wallet
Luiz Marcelino

Latter-day Saint Voices

Rescued in the Foyer
Kristi Lewis

Latter-day Saint Voices

Alex Whibley
Understanding Your Patriarchal Blessing Allie Arnell and Margaret Willden
Preparing for a New Journey Karina Martins Pereira Correia de Lima
How Can I Study in My Mind and with My Heart?
Personalize Your Gospel Study By Bethany Bartholomew

Answers from Church Leaders

How to Find Real Peace
Quentin L. Cook
Forgotten Books, Remembered Testimony Abegail D. Ferrer
They Saw Him Margaret Willden

Our Space

Our Space


Poster: Onward, Christian Soldiers

Questions & Answers

How can I know God is listening to my prayers?
Andrei and the Bad Word Julie C. Donaldson

Answers from an Apostle

How can I help my family be strong?
David A. Bednar
Prepare for the Temple Every Day Joy D. Jones
Star Shines Jane McBride
Be a Light Elizabeth Pinborough

Church History Figures

First Missionaries
Thinking of Jesus Lindsay Tanner

Stories of Jesus

Jesus Gave Us the Sacrament
Kim Webb Reid
Easter Lilies

Until We Meet Again

The Power of God
Bruce R. McConkie